Arise, Take Your Journey

Arise, Take Your Journey

Welcome to February, the second month of this year that opens with a season of emergence in which Heaven expects us to bear much fruit.

We are grateful to God for the powerful disclosures, encounters, visitations and renewal of strength we received while we waited on Him for 21 days as a congregation. That symbolises our taking root downwards in preparation for our emerging from the ground and bearing fruit upwards.

Therefore, brethren, it is time for you to arise and take your journey like our Father Abraham did, departing in obedience to God’s instruction from where he used to be and beginning a journey to where God wanted him to be. It’s your turn. Your light has come. Arise, shine!

It’s a journey of sacrifice. That crippling comfort, that soothing complacency, that relieving procrastination and other such things must be slaughtered on the altar of obedience. Remember, we must hasten to obey God’s commands; no more delays.

God is pleased when we believe Him enough to obey Him, even when unsure of the outcome. If indeed God has instructed you, now is the time to act. Be so focused on obeying God that you become oblivious to the shouting circumstances around you.

Blessed are they who hear the voice of the Lord and obey this month. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.

Your Brother,

AJ Ukporhe