Does He Know You

Does He Know You

Are there people who can call you with strange numbers, and without asking “who is on the line”, you can tell who is speaking by just listening to the first word said?

We would love to take you through a couple of examples, as we dissect the topic, “Does he know you?“.

Have you thought of the possibility of working in the government house for many years, but you are not known by the governor?

How about a situation where you knock a room door, and the one behind the door ask “who is that”, and all you say is, “it’s me, it’s me”, and you get a respond saying “you, who?“. Sometimes, you feel bad because you assume your voice should have been recognized without explaining or further trying to disclose your identity, especially when you consider you have a close relationship with this person.

Scriptures in John 10:27 says - My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

You must understand that hearing the voice of your master and following him is essentially a necessity.

Dear Heartchecker, beyond your consistent service, beyond frequent attendance in church and meetings, building a working intimate relationship with God is most important in your journey with the Lord.

Does he know you, or you are in this journey alone!

You might want to consider probing your current stand with the Lord today…

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