The Blessing

The Blessing

#HeartCheckTuesday:The Blessing

ye·va·re’·khe·kha’ · Adonai · ve·yeesh’·me·re’·kha
ya·eir · Adonai · pa·nav · e·ley’·kha · vee·khoon·ne’·kah
yees·sa · Adonai · ph·nav · e·ley’·kha · ve·ya·seim · le·kha · sha·lom

“May the LORD bless you and keep you;
May the LORD shine his face upon you and be gracious to you;
May the LORD lift up his face upon you and give you his peace.”
(Num. 6:24-26).

The verse above is often referred to as the priestly blessing, because it delineates the blessing that God commanded Aaron and His sons to proclaim upon Israel so He will Bless them.

Blessings are pronouncements that carry positive spiritual energy and can shift a man from a plane of irrelevance to one of significance.

To be blessed is to be granted special favor by God with resulting joy and prosperity.

God’s promise to Abraham is the foundation for our blessings (Gen. 12:2-3). But we must understand that when we say blessing, we are talking about more than material things or prosperity (even though these are indicators of blessings in a man’s life); the Blessing of Abraham is a spiritual genealogy which Jews and Christians we have come into in Christ, (Gal. 3:13-14).

The Blessing of Abraham is justification which gives a man peace which God which in turn gives him access to the Holy Spirit Who is the custodian of the blessing. So, the Blessing is more than something material, it is the very life of God which a person possesses in Christ. It is the Blessing that births blessings.