The Children department is responsible for nurturing and guiding the spiritual growth and development of RCN Lagos Children. It’s goal is to raise ‘total Kingdom children’ who are Heavenly focused, Earthly relevant, and significant as the Salt of the earth and Light of the world.

The department is staffed by professionals and volunteers who are passionate about working with children and committed to helping them grow in their faith. They provide a variety of age-appropriate programs and activities designed to help children deepen their spiritual practice and develop a strong relationship with God.

The children’s department is focused on creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where children can learn and grow in their faith. This includes providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, as well as resources and support to help children navigate the challenges of everyday life.

One of the key goals of the children’s department is to help children understand their role as ‘total Kingdom children.’ This means helping them develop a Heavenly focus and a commitment to living a life that is relevant and significant in the world. They are encouraged to be the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world, making a positive impact in their communities and in the lives of those around them.

The children’s department is also known as ‘Jehovah Shammah’ which means ‘The LORD is here.’ This reflects their commitment to creating an environment where children can experience the presence of God in a tangible and meaningful way.

Overall, the children department plays a vital role in helping children develop a strong spiritual foundation and become total Kingdom children. Their dedication and commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment ensures that all children within the congregation have the opportunity to grow in their faith and become the Salt of the earth and Light of the world.