The facility department is responsible for managing all the physical aspects of the facility, including the spaces, props, and other resources required to hold services. This department is typically staffed by professionals and volunteers who are responsible for ensuring that the building and grounds are maintained to a high standard and that all resources required for services are readily available.

The primary responsibility of the facility department is to ensure that the building and grounds are clean, safe, and welcoming for members of the congregation and visitors alike. This includes tasks such as cleaning and maintenance of the facilities, managing the landscaping and grounds, and ensuring that all safety protocols are in place and adhered to.

The department is also responsible for managing and maintaining the various props and resources required for worship services. This includes items such as back drops, flowers, and other decorative elements, as well as furniture such as pews, chairs, and tables. They ensure that these items are in good condition and are arranged in a way that is conducive to worship and prayer.

The facility department also plays an important role in managing the spaces within the church building. This includes tasks such as managing the use of rooms and facilities, and ensuring that all necessary equipment and supplies are available for each event.

Overall, the facility department plays a vital role in ensuring that the physical environment of the church is conducive to worship and prayer. Their dedication to maintaining a safe, clean, and welcoming facility ensures that members of the congregation can focus on the LORD without distraction or interruption.